Design Industry Amsterdam creates interior concepts and turns these into high-quality finished articles. This is achieved by focussing on the desired methods and scale of production during concept design. A combination of design-sense and a background in mechanical production engineering gives Design Industry Amsterdam a competitive advantage.

In order to produce his ideas, Willem Schilder founded the company. In his creations Willem Schilder aims for simplicity of form, supported by a logical construction. The satisfaction derived from the challenging process of realizing a product from an abstract idea is the main driving force for working in the field of design.

Colour chandelier [Kleurluchter] was initially designed for Sikkens. It presents their latest colour collection in a three-dimensional space. From every viewpoint the Colour chandelier shows two different sides of the colour circle in three different saturation levels. Colour chandelier is composed of three concentric light-emitting rings holding a set of strips. Different strips (sizes, shapes, colours, prints and materials) can be applied to create different appearances and effects. Each colour chandelier comes with a unique set of strips.

Product specifications

  • laser cut stainless steel rings
  • grey satin finish by glass bead blasting
  • energy efficient LED strips with long life expectancy
  • ring diameters 2 / 1.5 / 1 m


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T: +31 641 21 97 91